Thursday, December 07, 2006

Country Health

Old Farmers' Health and Remedy
(combined with Popular Rural Disease)
Fall, 1938
Twenty-five cents the issue. (Slightly higher south of the Mississippi.)

"Live for today, pay tomorrow -- and Eternity awaits the wise man."
-Otis T. Raspberry I (1869-1883), our Founder

Edited by Otis T. Raspberry III

In Today's Monthly Quarterly:

The Miracle of Depression
Death or insolence: which would you choose?
The miraculous ovarian diet, and how it has revolutionized dementia.

AIDS and Your Closest Cousins
"Bend over and cough"? Not on your life.
The truth behind the facts of Alto-Intoxicant Desperation Syndrome.

The Secret Life of Beef Fats
Deep-fried cow, alkalinity, and immortality:
What the Revenuers don't want you to know, and how.

Choose the S-x of Your Next Child
The wisdom of the Kamaah Sutrah
and spontaneous natural nutrients.

Intelligence Through Regularity
What those "geniuses" aren't telling us about our habits:
Achieving Natural Science on a few pennies a day.

Raising the Dead at Midnight
It's not the incantations; it's the nightly exercise.
Why animal sacrifice is just as important when the sun goes down.

Milk For Infants? Try Whale Blubber
The orthopsychopathic secret of The Shakers:
How common household objects contribute to fatter babies.

Molecular Dispersion Recipes No. 12
Oat meals -- "No grain, no pain."
The Aztec secret of longevity through Faith.