Friday, June 23, 2006

My Least Popular Video Ever!

Okay, I may be exaggerating somewhat. This has thus far logged three viewers, at least one of whom was myself, a few moments ago, to check whether the thing was working. (It was.) (I'm generally very careful not to artifically inflate the count by watching the videos myself on YouTube, lest, as in this instance of very small figures, I inflate the count by a full 50%.) That leaves two, which may or may not signify: the counter increases by one even if a viewer watches for two seconds, sneers, and logs out.

Of course, I take a certain amount of pride in being far (very far) outside the mainstream of public taste, and in publishing the video here I recognize that I am taking a chance of compromising my singular independence of mind. Still, I rather like this video, though I can imagine that many won't, and I can't quite rest on my accomplishment without at least mildly endeavoring to publicize the work. But if viewship peaks at five or six I will still have much to take pride in.

Sticklers may point out that several videos have logged "zero" or "one" as the number of viewers, but these have been available only a few days (though I'm keeping my fingers crossed.) The video with one lonely (perhaps very lonely) viewer was tagged as "erotica," although it's not really, just to see how many misguided droolers that would bring in; fewer than few, it would seem, but perhaps it's considered a "hard word" nowadays. Anyway, the heavy breathers know what to avoid.

The "zero" views of the other two are perhaps a bit of a surprise, as the video has a recognizable subject, and a traditional one, and some lovely images (if I do say so etc.) The music is quite nice as well, which marks a bit of a departure. And I mailed a few links privately, which suggests an automatic eyeroll response (however well warranted) in certain quarters, or half dollars. They are
here and here, and were snipped and pasted and reassembled from a wonderful photograph that appeared here.

In the meantime, though, I hope that two or one or zero of you may enjoy, or at least watch for a few seconds, the video above.

My Flickr website of drawings, photographic distortions, and utter nonsense, for which I do wish more viewers (to push the average per photo above 2.0) is empty of all but a few loyalists. There's no music, but you can't have everything.