Monday, June 26, 2006

Moreover, Found Poetry

NOTE: The following example of dadistic found verse derives, as usual, from what I term a "rider" to e-mail SPAM, the sort of semi-random verbal hodgepodge that seems to be inadvertently collected from web bulletin boards, especially when there is an attached file. Some of these are quite interesting; some are not. Many, as below, combine both qualities.

Apart from editing two such e-mails (in the order received, and evidently related in somwhat obscure fashion) into blank verse, using my tireless poetical instincts, I have taken no liberties with punctuation or grammar. Particularly striking are such phrases as "filled fill" (a cleverly paradoxical self-reference), "yellow companion" (quite a vivid image), "prison son" (which seems directly referential but could be an ambiguous psychological characterization of profound depth), the observation (posed as a question) concerning cant, "need mistress garden" (highly sexually evocative yet indirect), "near desire seven" (ditto), and "reached words hat ground (which seems to play upon dual meanings in the word "ground.")

Further observations, as well as detailed interpretations, are welcome.

drew among towards taken filled fill,
journey stay ought better parents book,
yellow companion talking however getting horses.
situation dark full favour,
miles got light
everyone gotten possible.


how studied showed forth.
prison son come favour if getting.
but intelligent handwriting wish did turning?
a added longer using appear.
companion independent inside meeting fill?
cant wanted reference?

need mistress garden
seize some immediate.
understand profession out ought.
away fill easy if remember.
independence fool place black.
if appear son horses really here.
near desire seven.


discuss bridge some teacher obliged.
taught ought person sugar use lot.
length too miserable.
thinking quarter ran nothing completely?
reached words hat ground.