Saturday, April 22, 2006

Genetic Mutability in Nature

"Nature has many roads. Some are straight and narrow. Some are long and twisting. Some are short and abrupt. Some are unmarked. Some are unpaved. Some have pot-holes. Some have misleading traffic signs. Some are lonely. Some are incredibly congested at rush hour. Some are one-way. Some go both ways. Some are clover-leaf overpasses. Some go nowhere. Some go somewhere. Many have abandoned vehicles and souvenir stands and hitch-hikers and tow-trucks. But all are natural." - Dr. Praetorius, Professor of Biological Experimentation, Vivisection, and Recombinant Surgery, Bleakford University

"For centuries, alternative recombinant humans have been stripped of their self-esteem and ridiculed in public 'freak shows.' By publishing these unretouched photographs, we hope to restore their inherent dignity and to expand tolerance. These beings are fully human, with feelings, thoughts, hopes, fears, quirks, oddities, and a spectrum of sexual preferences, just like the rest of us. Some of them. Most go on to lead happy, productive lives, with proper support from home, community, social services, governments, world organizations, and show business entrepreneurs. Well, some of them. They could be your neighbors. They could be your friends. They could be your parents. They could be chained in your basement. Without public awareness and widespread study, we may never know." -Oscar Playtex, M.D., Director, United Nations Biorhythms Peacekeeping Forces

"Many of these species are on the verge of extinction. A laissez-faire attitude of "who cares? nobody's stopping them from getting a motel room" is simply not good enough. They must be actively encouraged to mate and reproduce. Extensive wilderness areas must be reserved for their natural propagation and lifestyle choices. They must not be shot and mounted, or vice versa, by mindless so-called 'sportsmen.' School field trips to mingle with herds should be organized at the elementary level, so that children will know what it is like to be 'different.' And it is unconscionable that clothing stores carry designs suitable only for so-called 'normal' people; at very least, dualism in trousers, brassieres, shirts, love shackles, latex gloves, goggles, and headphones must be superceded by dogmatic intervention of the loudest kind." -Gloria Arborea, actress, author, limnetic activist