Wednesday, March 08, 2006

SPAM Poetry

I got another one. I take this complex found poem to allude obliquely, using a nonsequential narrative form along with multilayered technological metaphors, to a once-vital romance gone tragically awry. Alternative interpretations are of course possible, but they will be wrong.

(I have reproduced this exactly as received, except that I have taken a few liberties with formal structure where they seemed essential, and I have removed what seem to be extraneous HTML directions (or are they?))


The underlying connection was closed:
Could not establish trust relationship with -
Right away let her keep him or #2
Sue her for the liquidated damages.

Thank you, Dave and Joy,
For the update.
I do hope things will continue to in 2000,
And found an interesting behavior:
I understand the "whining" noise
Everyone hears when driving designer.

Him, he was still out to it
And the nursing staff did not expect him to
(correct this if this is wrong).

I noticed today while driving on a -
Back at 1130hrs -
To be with him for another 2 hours. -

Before they pave,
They remove all of the reflectors on the Colorado,
Boulder, and a master of science degree in aerospace concrete.

How do they actually do this?
What would be the impact?
Thanks in advance, heart and soul
... and I'll miss your hugs!

A recipient of two NASA Outstanding Leadership Medals for
Growth from simply loving Self,
I know anything is possible.
The recipient of a NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal for
His work .

Before they pave,
They remove all of the reflectors
On the Goddess Blessings,
The Reporting Services edition must be
Enterprise, Developer, or Evaluation.
Standard edition does not support
a scale-out deployment.