Monday, March 06, 2006

Quart de Tete

At StephenEsque's instigation, I've performed a five-minute deconstruction (forgive the term) of Radley Metzger's 1970 artcore subclassic, The Lickerish Quartet. Although it's one of those creakily now-a-go-go paeans to "sexual liberation" (which means women taking their clothes off, which I favored long before it was fashionable), it has intellectual pretensions (i.e., Pirandello), so you can discuss it over cocktails in your leisure suit just as though it were Godard or Resnais. But I've saved you the trouble of watching it (I think my summary is very fair-minded), and if you neglect to watch my treatment, you'll be two steps ahead of the game. Although the movie itself contains nudity (in much the same way that Red River contains cows), you will not find it in my video condensation, for reasons of taste, discretion, public morals, and the heavy-handed editorial policy of those lovely people at vidiLife. Without the nudity, I guess, the movie ends up being five minutes, which is the approximate length of my adaptation; I do hope this doesn't render it entirely without interest.

I'm also trying the television-screen thing again. I'll try using only one at a time, to avoid the messy problems associated with this technological marvel the last time I tried it. I'll replace the screen with a link in a few days.

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