Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Pavilion of the Lynx

The links continue to amass at an astonishing rate, and within a few months I'm overwhelmed to the point of having two or even three to pass on to the knowledge-hungry reader.

Admittedly, the idea of a Bonzo Dog Band reunion without Viv Stanshall is remotely akin to having a World War II reunion without Adolf Hitler on vibes, or a high school reunion -- any high school anwhere -- without me, or an evolution reunion without natural selection, but it all seems to have gone over rather well nonetheless. David has forwarded
this review, which ought to be of extreme interest to all humanity.

Those of us who had the foresight and mixed luck to purchase in 1966 The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra and The Blues Project Live at Cafe au Go Go may have wondered how these people made an actual living. Wonder no more. They evidently cashed in on the contemporary Batman craze, and produced this album, which is certainly one of the odder children's records produced in that borderline marketing niche. Although most liseners will be drawn to the organ stylings of Sun Ra (the rather bizarrely dissonant chordings) and Al Kooper (the overbusy blues licks), the real nutcase of the session is manic guitarist Danny Kalb, who even here cannot play one note where a thousand will do. (Thanks to Zembla.)

And this, for reasons that remain obscure or deeply repressed, is fast becoming one of my
favorite blogsites. Draw your own conclusions about me, but pay a visit. If what you see doesn't interest you, wait a minute.

Finally, one of my
quasi-videos appears here. I append the label "experimental" to it as a warning to those knowledgable in the pseudo-arts, so that they will approach with caution, if not stampede for the exits. An earlier version of the same thing appears here, and has both flaws and merits, along with the incentive of being much longer.

Finally, cineastes and videophiles here have recently been pondering the pioneering experimental short film, "Me n Christina BREAKIN it dowwn." Those who have had their curiosity piqued by the high level of discussion will not want to
miss this extraordinary offering here. (Thanks to Stephen and Searchie for directing my vacillating attention to this masterpiece.)