Friday, November 04, 2005

Tacky Teeth (198?)

Mum was chucking toodle, dad rag mandolin,
Irm thung hotly noodle, beswelt unholy din,
Thingmop swinked or delta, nor refractor sin;
Whato'er that he felt a -- glump!
The teeth clacked in.

Novelteeth from Delhi,
Squiggle teeth from Spain,
Holy teeth from Mecca,
Laughing in the rain;
Bitesome teeth to bite you,
Loosish teeth to spit,
Clingy teeth to fright you,
Glowing when unlit.

Mum got thwocking juicies, Dad spag inner wholes,
Spugwash swabbing loosies, queasebast noxious drolls,
Thingmop splatsome permits, whackish ere loom stole,
Bit twit fruit hermits -- ugh!
Teethwood choose a hole.

Molars in the village!
Fillings fill the fjord!
Incisors cramp and pillage!
Fee roses lingual horde!
Bolt them at the gummies!
Extract, shun, betray!
Keepsake umpter tummies!
Floster truth delay!

Mummy slicking Spugwash, Daddy gumming swill,
Lordie in 'is seven, tad recroak spoo quill.
Thingmop eighth hair toughers, Truddled lies there still,
Forgommit any roughers -- wonk!
Teeth do love to kill.