Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Yesterday's Idle Chatter in Pictures Today!

present might have felt themselves constrained to fly to the vestibule," he explained with his customary sangfroid, as the several billowing waitresses resumed their flapping dance. Had it not been for the timely incursion-cum-exegesis of the lovely yet dim Lackaday twins, much might have been too little
disturbed, or disturbing. Brock wore his
most tired tweeds, their Empire ringlets drooped and faded like the labour leaflets he'd once let flutter from the university tower, as those in the know recognized instantly in a starkly bold exchange of glances, mostly rightward. Champagne soon followed, but this proved to be a grievous mistake, a tiresome vintage, and flat beyond repumping. The evening was quick becoming the sort of social disaster that soon becomes immortalized in timeless myth. Meanwhile, in the smoky streets, Young Billy sprang from his mutton wagon, snatched up the young redhaired matchgirl, and barely saved her from being run down by the duke's galloping steed. He swore to himself then and there that the corrupt voluptuaries of a decadent society would soon be marked for vengeance. Hats were extraordinarily
elegant that year, yet Buck Gantry, swimming against the torrid currents of the lashing Amazon River, gave only brief thought to them as he sank a second time beneath the surface, his keen silver blade sinking again and again into the rippling scales of the creature's back. Scientists were later able to construct a plausible scenario, one that would be unthinkingly accepted by the world-wide community of experts for some fifty years -- when photos, highly compromising yet of the greatest geological importance, were captured in what had seemed at the time an all-too-ordinary

raid on the waterfront taverns. Lila tittered vivaciously, raising her cigarette holder to her scarlet lips and tossing her curls in a motion that at once captivated the consumptive undersecretary and belied her keen intelligence, as she surreptitiously surveyed the documents dangling from vital pockets, soon to be added to her arsenal of blackmail and extortion. The black dog bayed in the moonlight, its shining eyes staring fixedly at the drifting orb, as cute little bunnies sat up straight in the forest, their noses quivering, their leg muscles tensing. The ship would dock soon, and all would be revealed, unless