Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Verses For Yet Another Rainy Day

From Little Raindrops:

Tell me, little raindrops,
Is that the way you play,
Pitter patter, pitter patter,
All the rainy day?

They say I'm very naughty,
But I've nothing else to do
But sit here at the window;
I should like to play with you.

The little raindrops cannot speak,
But 'pitter patter pat'
Means 'We can play on this side,
Why can't you play on that?'
-Aunt Effie (Jane Euphemia Browne), 1811-98

Tell me, little raindrops,
Why don't you form a pool,
And help me drown the governess,
That old embittered fool?

They say I'm very naughty,
But I didn't burn the wing
Where dwelt the nurse I used to curse.
I merely pried the ring

From off her blackened finger.
Father caught me, too.
I didn't knot the neck-rope
That turned his face all blue.

And then poor Father could not speak,
But lingered in his bed.
It's not my fault the pillow lay
So long upon his head.

So, tell me, happy raindrops,
Why Mother is so sad,
And won't let me punish Baby
When he's being rather bad.
-Miles Cecil Bleak, 1828-40