Saturday, October 29, 2005

Comments Tarry

Because comments seem to have been deleted within a mere thirty days (rather than, as I had thought, ninety), I have determined to transcribe them to the blog proper, rather than allow them to be lost to the depths of eternity, due to the callousness of a certain service. All of this will, in principle, be taken care of when eventually I move to my new blogsite, which will also have a capable commenting service. Four posts worth of comments are duplicated below. Must play catch-up again in a few days.

(Students of self-referential paradoxes are encouraged to comment again regarding comments.)

October 7, 2005

No further comments can be accepted on this post without prior authorization ($15.00 plus handling fee, fully refundable if you don't see results within 7 days.)Bleak Mouse Homepage 10.08.05 - 2:16 pm #
They may overwhelm my poor body, sir, but they cannot take my honour, which is inviolable.Emily Steadfast
Homepage 10.08.05 - 2:18 pm #
Aha, I see I am just in the nick of time. Stand back, you swine, or taste my steel!Roderick Steadfast
Homepage 10.08.05 - 2:20 pm #
If I read your unpersuasive remarks correctly, and I think that I do, we must come to blows inevitably, sir. I suggest the coast of France, at the customary location, no substitutions this time.Furthermore, I am not an "agent of sinister yet repulsive foreign interests."Locks of my hair may be purchased for a nominal sum by my admirers.Stanley Manley
Homepage 10.08.05 - 2:26 pm #
Things fine here. Ambrose Bierce sends regards.Send money.Judge Crater
Homepage 10.08.05 - 2:28 pm #
I'm deeply offended by your casual and dismissive attitude towards whatever I'm exercised about today.Mildred Persimmon-Cepacol
Homepage 10.08.05 - 2:32 pm #
The howling of the wind sounds to my straining ears like the voices of my encrypted ancestors, calling, calling, ever calling me to the water's edge, and beyond.What shall we have for supper?Arabella
Homepage 10.08.05 - 2:36 pm #
Thank you for your vote of confidence, one and all. I hope to be worthy of it.I regret that I cannot address each and every one of your concerns individually, but this should not be taken to mean that I have not ceased to care.Bleak Mouse of Bleak House
Homepage 10.08.05 - 2:39 pm #
I cannot but reflect back upon my roseate youthful predilictions.J. Tyler Thudplump
Homepage 10.10.05 - 12:19 am #
Even though I live on the fourteenth floor (quite a climb for these old legs, believe me), every night I am utterly certain that I see a man's face, with leering, sunken eyes, and cruel sensual lips, staring brazenly in at my window.Mrs. Crimpwallow
Homepage 10.10.05 - 12:22 am #
And then when I finally dashed into the cathedral in my white bridal gown, I saw that everyone was naked, and they were painted like savages.Embarrassed
Homepage 10.10.05 - 12:26 am #
I was looking for another blog but couldn't find it. I suppose this one will have to do for what I have to say.Name Withheld
Homepage 10.10.05 - 12:29 am #
You think of us as spineless, but rest assured we will soon be invading your slumbering seaside communities by night, there to immobilize your most vulnerable humans with our thousand thousand writhing suckers. This will be but the beginning, as we and our blankeyed human slaves take city after city, turning your species to nefarious purposes we haven't quite worked out yet.The Octopus Lord
Homepage 10.10.05 - 12:35 am #
When I'm unhappy, I like to sing and dance for hours and hours until I faint.Little Mary Sunshine
Homepage 10.10.05 - 12:37 am #
For the record, I do not use sex toys.Miss Marple
Homepage 10.10.05 - 12:39 am #
It took me forever and then some to get to this "viewing". Putzing around with my mouse around the confines of its pad, I just couldn't click in on that singular "!". Why, oh why, BM, couldn't you have made it a bevy of "!"'s so that one's limited eyesight (that one being me) would not frustrate one (of me) from being teleported to that "viewing". I'll have to nap to rest my clicking (previously know as an "index" in the days of literal pointing) finger.DarkoV
Homepage 10.10.05 - 9:33 am #
DarkoV - Sorry. It hadn't occurred to me. And we do try to run a sensitive ship here. God knows we have enough seminars to sensitize a raging pack of wild hyenas.I'm putting my able assistant, Miss Zuleika Mole, on the project right away. She gave me a double-take when I said, "And hang the expense!" This problem should be corrected shortly.Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.10.05 - 12:27 pm #
Dear Mr. B. Mouse,As your site does not seem to have a spot a satisfied customer can leave their positive comments about one of your employees, I will do so here.Having had my one last nerve cracked by the goodness that are my kids, the shaking in my left hand can only be steadied by firmly gripping it with my right hand. I look as if I'm in a perpetual tennis backhand position, which is embarassing in public. Luckily, I spend most of my life indoors so I'm able to keep face. Still, it is uncomfortable to be holding the computer mouse with two hands when moving around various sites, including yours.And here is where I insert the big THANK YOU (that's a literal BIG for those hard of seeing) to your assistant, Ms. Zuleika Mole. I appreciate your sparing of none of the proverbial expenses, as her work, expository without being insulting, enables me to hit the "!" using only one hand! It is rare in this "I'm in it for the Blog" world to be refreshed with such a speedy solution to a reader's comment. So, I guess my employee comment can be extended to Ms. Mole's employer as well.DarkoV
Homepage 10.10.05 - 7:18 pm #
Miss Mole is not technically an employee, as she does not get paid, being fictitious. Similarly, she prefers the older form of address, and considers "Ms." a barbarism, for the same reason.Our rule concerning reader requests around here is that the customer is always right, at least until we've taken him for his last nickel.Tremulousness of the extremities is best treated by taking one large glass (no more, no less; this is a medicinal prescription) of any decent non-American beer.I've found that remaining indoors negates the necessity for all sorts of superfluous concerns about appearance and manner. Though it is a theory often taken for granted that the Outdoors represents the original creation, whereas the Indoors is an artificial product of human social evolution, I'm of the opposite view. All that is wanting is evidence.Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.10.05 - 11:23 pm #
Wanting of evidence. Hmm. I like that; it's the most basic of human conditions. Well, at least the condition of the paranoid OCD. But there I go again, labelling myself into a corner.DarkoV
Homepage 10.11.05 - 8:32 am #
Labels have their uses. As the great philosopher Foghorn Leghorn noted after a terrible accident, "Fortunately, Ah keep mah feathahs numbahed for just such an occasion."It's not lack of evidence that distinguishes the paranoid from the pure theorist and/or visionary. The true paranoid cites the very lack of evidence as evidence. (E.g., perfectly efficient government conspiracies to hide physical evidence of alien spacecraft.)Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.11.05 - 10:25 am #
Paranoia, shmaranoia, I say. What about them legs!?? You've been mum on this picture and since you've been so demanding of answers elsewhere, I'm beginning to think why you're not pushing for the identity of the fetching young lass with the legs up to here. Why, you might say I'm even getting paranoid about her gams, although they are right there, evidently.DarkoV
Homepage 10.11.05 - 12:48 pm #
Oh, just never mind. It took you longer than a nano to answer, so I had to assume that since it's a French film, it's B&W, and all the men are struck dumb and immobile, that it can only be BB, back before her Protect the Animals phase. I forgot that it wasn't just her pouty lips and..well, I'll stop there, that were cause for men to be handing out myriad wolf tickets.(Now, this "mtriad" should be correct usage. I'm counting on Wikipedia to back me up.)DarkoV
Homepage 10.11.05 - 12:55 pm #
This is from "And God Created Woman," and that is indeed Bardot.It is indeed fortunate for you that my leaky mind clung to this driblet of information. Often, I save pictures that strike my fancy for one reason or another, thinking I'll have a use for them later, and then promptly forget where they came from.This amused me less for the customary antics of Miss B., who is always as striking as she is unmemorable, and more for the pricelessly dorky expression of the drooling chap on the right, who has apparently only recently been graduated from a very sheltered school for boys.Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.11.05 - 3:14 pm #

October 8, 2005

seemed more like thirty seconds, you beast.Vera Homepage 10.08.05 - 2:12 pm #
Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap Clap Clap I do not suffer from an ancient sexual disease Excellent, Mickey Spillane Mouse, excellent!Cowtown Pattie
Homepage 10.08.05 - 2:41 pm #
Very funny!Luz
Homepage 10.08.05 - 6:55 pm #
My son has just at age 26 discovered Mickey Spillane, and consumed the first six novels nearly at a single sitting (after first reading them, of course.) They're in several classy omnibus volumes now, with solemn introductions and such.But the proper way to discover them was in sleazy 35-cent paperbacks when you were fourteen. You weren't CERTAIN that your parents would rip them out of your hands and burn them, but you kept them well-hidden anyway.Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.08.05 - 8:38 pm #
Oh, I must state for the record that I do not have an ancient sexual disease, either, and will staunchly resist any attempt to demonstrate otherwise.Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.08.05 - 8:40 pm #
For those who take an interest in such matters, I have left an important comment on the previous post.Miss Marple
Homepage 10.10.05 - 12:45 am #
excellent - A+Kate
Homepage 10.10.05 - 7:24 am #
Thank you. This A+ may be just what I need to weight my grade point average enough for admittance to an online correspondence school. Then all I'll need are a few letters of recommendation that I haven't had to retrieve in crumpled balls from the gutter.Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.10.05 - 1:17 pm #

October 9, 2005

Rainy days like these make me think of Fauré (surprise surprise)--the 1st movement of the Quintet op. 89 in particular. Some wet day when you can barely stand another minute of whatever it is, give that a listen.Quicquid Homepage 10.10.05 - 7:33 pm #
String quintet? Or piano quintet? I never can keep these opi straight; it's like shopping in a foreign hardware store.However, I do love Faure.Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.11.05 - 10:33 am #
Piano quintet. I don't think there's a string quintet but I can't remember for sure. No opi to hand.Quicquid
Homepage 10.11.05 - 12:15 pm #

October 10, 2005 - i

I'm stumped, most probably by the cut of the cloth. Can I guess the young Barbara Streisand, before her massive intake of Ego pills? The nose gave her away, here.DarkoV Homepage 10.10.05 - 10:11 am #
She is competitive with La Streisand in the protuberant proboscis department, to be sure, but she is not a congenital idiot, and in any case she is of an earlier generation.I do not expect any correct guesses, not even from those intimates who are familiar with my unhealthy musical obsessions.I will say that she was active as a jazz singer from the 1930s until the 1950s, and remains unaccountably obscure, even though she could break your heart more ways than a dozen Billie Holidays.All will be revealed. Watch this space (the final frontier.)Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.10.05 - 12:57 pm #
Although I wouldn't call her obscure (and in her later years, what with her "full" figure, obscurity would have been rather difficulty), this picture hints at a younger Sophie Tucker. It's that snarl in her lips that tipped me off.Or not.DarkoV
Homepage 10.10.05 - 1:40 pm #
Still wrong. She's considerably less well known. Also, I'm not sure I'd call Sophie a jazz singer. More of a pop belter.Still, interesting guess.She sang briefly with Tommy Dorsey in the early 1930s, and was one of Benny Goodman's many songbirds, though I don't think she ever recorded with him -- maybe because of the 1940s recording ban.Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.10.05 - 2:56 pm #
It couldn't possibly be Lee Wiley, could it?Prifoner of Zembla
Homepage 10.10.05 - 3:14 pm #
We have a winner, folks.The sur-prize in today's contest includes a leftime's worth of unwanted advice, plus the Bleak Special Extra Christmas Gift, deliverable on or about that day.Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.10.05 - 5:45 pm #
It would have helped stir things up if the file name wasn't leewiley.jpg.Misspent
Homepage 10.10.05 - 10:34 pm #
Never heard of her.But, now I am curious! I love the Big Band era of music.Cowtown Pattie
Homepage 10.10.05 - 10:40 pm #
Dear Misspent -- Thank you for pointing out this grievous oversight. I will try to be more fiendishly clever in future. After I finish slapping my head a few more times and crying, "Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!"Dear CP -- Sometimes I think only four people on the planet have heard of her. Lee's entire recorded output seems to encompass no more than about four or five CDs, so she's eminently collectible without danger of hospitalization for obsessive-compulsive disorder. (I think that Proper Records, the incredibly inexpensive English old jazz label, has just put out a box of her music.) I won't bore you by gushing about how much I adore Miss Wiley.If you're in love with the swing era, you've come to the right saloon. When I'm not living in Edwardian England or having shootouts at the O.K. Corral, I'm cutting the rug in 1930s Harlem. Or sailing the Spanish Main. I suppose there's no good reason why I couldn't have Artie Shaw playing on my privateer's ship.Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.10.05 - 11:06 pm #
Lee Wiley? Lee effing Wiley? She looks like a Burberry model. Does that say "Quiet Sensuality"?Bring back Ute Lempererstephenesque
Homepage 10.12.05 - 9:41 am #
Is that Ute of Lemper & Lemperer? Where did she go? As far as I am aware, she has the advantage of Wiley in being alive these last thirty years.Who said anything about "quiet sensuality"? OF COURSE her picture is going to be quiet -- one might almost say silent. The sensuality is in the recordings, and, although not quite noisy, is far from quiet.Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.12.05 - 3:58 pm #
It says "Quiet Sensuality" on the album cover. And it is Ute Lemper I don't, er, know where the extra er came from, er ... etc.She has a new album out, I believe. same of thing. A little bit of garbo, a little bit of Piaf, a few Weill's and a Nick Cave or tow.stephenesque
Homepage 10.13.05 - 11:46 am #
Why, so it does. Looks like they're hoping to sell more than ten copies of this reissue.I'd probably pick up the new Lemper, but we're into Birthday Season, when I have to buy gifts for thankless relatives, and cater to their tastes, however ludicrous. But I haven't listened to my Piafs and Lotte Lenyas in a while, so I'll make do, I suppose.Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.13.05 - 1:27 pm #

October 10, 2005 - ii

What? I look like a mortician? What with my memory problems, I have a tough enough time recognizing live people.DarkoV Homepage 10.10.05 - 10:12 am #
You may not look like a mortician, but your name certainly sounds like that of a mortician."Ma'am, I'd like to introduce Mr Darov, who will be doing what must be done with what remains of your husband's remains.""Hoo, hoo, sob..."(Boris Karloff voice.) "Pleased to make your acquaintance, ma'am." (Thin smile, cold handshake.) "I'd like to say, madam, that we here at Morningside, um, FEEL for you in this time of, ah, LOSS."I'd be happy to exchange memory problem stories with you if I can remember them.Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.10.05 - 12:46 pm #
I'm guessing it's Ophelia drowning!Prifoner of Zembla
Homepage 10.10.05 - 3:21 pm #
An excellent guess, and it does bear a striking resemblance to pre-Raphaelite treatments of this subject -- which is probably not accidental.However, no.Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.10.05 - 5:48 pm #
"My hair is bold like the chestnut burr; and my eyes, like the sherry in the glass that the guest leaves."Emily Dickison in her death shroud?Cowtown Pattie
Homepage 10.10.05 - 10:45 pm #
My, this photo is surely bringing out the latent poesy in us all -- as well it should.Stephenesque seems to be on a weekend pass, and I've been rather expecting him to guess this one correctly. So we'll wait on full revelation until tomorrow.Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.10.05 - 11:11 pm #
That is the poet Shelley. Or Virginia bloody Wolf: only their mother could tell them apart.Fcb
Homepage 10.11.05 - 7:15 am #
It looks kind of like Edna St. Vincent Millay, all Renascencey.Quicquid
Homepage 10.11.05 - 9:09 am #
Or maybe it's all Eurydicesque.Quicquid
Homepage 10.11.05 - 9:52 am #
Excellent guesses again, but confirmation is negated once more by the limited imagination of mere reality.I'm still waiting on Stephen for this one, so no hints.Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.11.05 - 10:36 am #
Bonnie Parker?Kate
Homepage 10.11.05 - 10:54 am #
Yo' mama?Misspent
Homepage 10.11.05 - 12:20 pm #
I'm surprised that Stephen didn't weigh in, as we'd just been discussing this film last week. The thrilling answer, with a link for the curious, will shortly be posted as an update to this post.It appears there are no winners, so the luxury yacht will have to be thrown away.Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.11.05 - 4:14 pm #
That's fine with me. I prefer my yachts unadorned with adjectives.DarkoV
Homepage 10.12.05 - 4:12 pm #
The word "luxury" in this case serves to distinguish the decadently-equipped, Solomonically-outfitted yacht from the average yacht which any backwater overachiever or minor millionaire can afford. I suppose I can melt down all of that gold into something or other, and a tedious "humanitarian" busybody has advised me that I can't just "throw out" the voluptuous all-female crew. Troubles, troubles.Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.12.05 - 8:27 pm #

October 12, 2005 - i

Black shoes with a pink dress?Misspent Homepage 10.13.05 - 10:33 am #
What was it with women's legs back then? Skinny but without form or allure. And shiny, way too shiny. Luckily, not soon after, "legs" became "gams" and all was well with the world.DarkoV
Homepage 10.13.05 - 10:42 am #
How dare the pair of you speak lightly of a lady! (even if she does happen to be an syphilitic artist's model advertising the whorish garments of Sodom and the tempting sweet meats of Satan)stephenesque
Homepage 10.13.05 - 11:43 am #
That's no lady. That's (insert possesive adjective of choice here) wife!DarkoV
Homepage 10.13.05 - 12:04 pm #
Speaking of not being a lady, which was it better to be (or not to be):1) A lynx?2) A fox?3) An ocelot?4) A tabby?DarkoV
Homepage 10.13.05 - 12:07 pm #
I had my doubts about accepting these advertisements, thinking them perhaps too stimulating and provocative for our staid yet volatile readership. However, a dollar is a dollar, and we must keep pace with the more permissive climate prevailing on the Internet, as well as the flirtatious license of our culture as a whole. I enjoin you all to adjust to the times -- and buy our sponsors' products!Rest assured, though, that we will not be accepting ads for unmentionable garments or swimming costumes. Even in liberal times, we must cling to some standards.Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.13.05 - 1:15 pm #
Gentlemen, please ...Let me insert a lady's point of view into your learned discourse on hose and legs and gams. The good new is that stockings are back, after enduring several seasons in the fashionista equivalent of Cleveland, so to speak. For far too long, bare legs were de rigueur, even in the dead of winter. Obviously, I’m pleased to bid this trend adieu.And black pumps with a pink dress? Perfectly fine. I have a lovely blush pink skirt that I wear with pale pink fishnet hose and black boots. The guys on the train today seemed to like it just fine. *cough*Searchie
Homepage 10.13.05 - 5:31 pm #
Thank you for clearing the air that was thickened with blinding testosterone, Searchie. We mens are here to appreciate whatever fancies are to be presented. What with these perpetual dress-down days and casual days at work, style has gone, as you so elegently put, to Cleveland. These certainly are the days of Bush, where casual extends past dress through to simple thnking.DarkoV
Homepage 10.13.05 - 6:26 pm #
Mr. Dar-ko-vee:Such dress-down days of which you speak are truly Satan's spawn ... just dreadful, they are. I have never purchased a pair of khakis (or khaki anything for that matter), nor do I own a single pair of the dreaded sneakers. *shudder*And fanny packs ... And mandals and murses ...*shudder, shudder*I dearly hope I haven't offended any of you fine gentlemen if indeed you wear any of the above items. I am an extremely tolerant fashionista, fortunately.Searchie
Homepage 10.13.05 - 8:29 pm #
Dear Searchie - Thank you for putting to rest the no-black-shoes-with-pink myth. My aesthetic sense told me that there was something innately unnatural about Misspent's doctrinaire pronouncement; but I had neither the authoritative standing nor the keen analytic tools to address the question. Thank you for providing these, and allowing us to discuss these technical questions with the rigor they deserve.I am pleased to know that stockings have returned. Not only do they prevent the fairer sex from having their extremities frozen and possibly amputated, it has ever been my strong belief that, had the Good Lord intended for ladies to go about with naked legs, he would never have countenanced The Fall. (And at last! -- thousands of starving stocking workers back to honest labor!) Concerning khaki, it's all well and good if you're defending Khartoum or seeking out Dr Livingstone -- as long as there aren't papparazzi in the malarial swamps -- but they have no place this far above the equator. The "fanny pack" is a travesty of civilized accessorizing; better to tattoo "I'm a tasteless moron who thinks he's being trendy" on your forehead.As a resident of the late 19th-early 20th centuries, I am not sure that I know what mandals and murses are, but for some reason the nonsense words "mresses" and "mipstick" come to mind.Nicely modulated use of the cough, there.Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.13.05 - 10:13 pm #
Hells Bells, I would wear a pair of Rockies and my red Justin ropers every day if I could. I wore pantyhose and/or fishnet stockings nearly everyday of my junior high and senior high days (no middle schools then). I still wear them when business protocol calls, but crap if I think that's fun...But that's just me. Maybe not 20 years ago, but now, today? Yeah, gimme a pair of jeans and boots and I am a happy camper.Cowtown Pattie
Homepage 10.13.05 - 10:37 pm #
Jeans and boots are perfectly honest attire. Buy a shirt, and you'll be set for most social occasions. You wouldn't want to wear them to a royal wedding, or to the ballet, much less in the ballet, but comfort must take a certain precedence over mere style as one ages. Gracefully.I have never worn fishnets or pantyhose, though television sitcoms lead me to think I may be in the minority of the male population now, so I cannot comment on their comfort. At certain points in my junior/senior high school education, I did make certain efforts, in the interests of scientific inquiry, to get a better sense of their texture and overall structure, but finding subjects to acquiesce in my investigations proved rather difficult. This was perhaps just as well, as there was probably no potential science fair project in it.I'm beginning to think I ought to open a fashion discussion group on this page. Perhaps we can get Searchie to do a regular column, as she seems to have an infinite store of knowledge in this area.Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.13.05 - 11:05 pm #
Oh, and sneakers. I forgot to go on a feverish tirade about sneakers. I suppose they are all right for children. I suppose they are all right for athletes in the proper context. I suppose they are all right for yardwork, for instance if you are climbing trees to strangle grackles, or are digging up your septic tank. But let us use a bit of common sense in the office environment, where after all people are expected to look at you and not laugh.Some will argue that they are "comfortable." I daresay that longjohns with an unbuttoned backside are "comfortable." And one should be comfortable within the privacy of one's own home. (And the government must at all costs be kept out of our wardrobes!) But there was a time in public life when the citizen-fashion-critic was duty-bound to shoot on sight those who felt themselves above or beaneath basic social conventions -- the very superglue that binds our society.Especially grievous are sneakers worn by women. One cannot expect better, perhaps, of untrained males, but the female should know better than to wear those huge, clumping monstrosities that arrive in a room several minutes before she does. Especially egregious is the otherwise tastefully-dressed woman whose meticulously suggested curves and lines are abruptly shattered by gallumphous athletic shoes. It's like hearing a toilet flush during a performance of a Mozart quartet.I'm sure that many curses will be called down upon my head for having the audacity to tell the plain truth -- but such is my calling, and such is my fate. 'Twas ever thus. History will vindicate me.Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.14.05 - 10:25 am #
Searchie,It's sad to say but each Monday when I open up the closet, 5 pairs of Khaki's, ironed the night before, shout, "Hallalujeh! It's a brand new work week!". Having such loud pants is a pain, but as our officially approved uniform of dress-down-ness, that's the way thing are. I tried wearing dress pants a few times. It didn't work out too well. Aside from disparagements along the lines of "OH, it's Lord Fontelroy", it became evident that if I dressed up rather than down, I should at least have a button or a t-shirt proclaiming, "No, I'm DON'T have a job interview later today."DarkoV
Homepage 10.14.05 - 11:49 am #
Sneakers are a lot better than those abominable flip flops. Some woman's athletic team even wore flip flops to the White House, horror! However, I thank Katherine Hepburn for making the wearing of pants acceptable. And for those of us who are getting on up there in years, comfortable shoes are a must. I could never teach all day in heels now, even though I did for many years.Kate
Homepage 10.14.05 - 4:55 pm #
I entirely agree with you concerning La Hepburn -- though she had sufficient style to have brought off chain-mail if she'd so decided. Yes, sneakers are better than flip-flops, though you might make the case that drive-by shootings are better than flip-flops. Nearly anything is better than flip-flops.I certainly feel a great deal of sympathy for the pained-looking young ladies who stagger around on high heels with a permanent expression of intense pain on their faces. Several ladies of my acquaintance find comfortable footware without resorting to sneakers. On the other foot, several other ladies of my acquaintance wear them most of the time, doubtless finding them comfortable and not giving a damn about what I think. The nerve.The young women who wore flip-flops to the White House should have been summarily executed, as an example to others. I realize this makes me a bit of a "hard-liner," but this growing menace to social propriety has gotten out of hand.Bleak Mouse
Homepage 10.14.05 - 8:15 pm #
Spanky, Alfalfa, & Buckwheat wore sneakers. We, unfortunately, do not. It's either running shoes, training shoes, or sitting-on-the-couch-with-taht-big-fat-idiot-Rush- Limbaugh shoes. We wear messing around shoes with adjectives. I'm surprised the women are calling them sneakers. Quaint. I suggest canvas-like ambulatories myself. We're not doing any "senaking" anymore, unless it's sneaking out the back door to check out those hump-pumpy blow-up Reeboks that are coming back in the Haley's comet of style time cycle.DarkoV
Homepage 10.15.05 - 10:54 am #
DarkoV raises the question of historical context. I think that Alfalfa, et al., did not wear anything we would today identify as sneakers. Alfalfa used (I think) to wear those clunky ankle-high boot-shoes so beloved of Depression-era children who could afford shoes at all. Especially charming was the two-inch gap between the bottoms of his stovepipe flood-control trousers and the tops of his shoes. It is to his credit that despite obvious physical and fashion drawbacks Alfalfa aspired to dandyism. Also, at age five I had a crush on Darla, though this is not especially relevant here. (Those eyes! Those lips! Those petticoats!)When I was knee-high to a high knee, sneakers were low-cut canvas-topped shoes, usually red or blue, with cheap but bouncy white rubber soles. These were the shoes one was ALWAYS expected to wear for play; "good shoes" (i.e., leather) were reserved for school, church, visits to disapproving maiden aunts, etc. They were worn by boys below about the age of six, and by girls indefinitely. They were considered distinctly effeminate by one's peers once one got past training-wheels into the serious bicycle accident stage. Also, a sort of reverse snobbery dictated that anyone wearing good shoes for play was a Fauntelroy. This played into our parents' hands very well, though the seeds of later rebellion were already sown, when boys would begin to wonder why the hell they couldn't wear play shoes to school and church, or even play clothes. Thus one brick of civilzation began to be pried loose."Tennis shoes" were de rigeur for young lads. They had little to do with tennis, which most of the boys thought a game for fairies, and everything to do with tireless roughhousing and pre-adolescent posturing. They were high-topped, quite complex to lace up, and were available in several colors, the most popular of which were black and white. The rubbery soles had grown to just under an inch, and were decorated with a red racing stripe that encircled the shoe. They were cool. They were called "sneakers," perhaps because of the unpleasantness of the tennis association.All subsequent evolution of this shoe (including the low-topped sneaker, the sporty canvas running shoe, on down to designer footwear) have thus been lumped in the sneaker category. Perhaps I suffer a failure to make fine distinctions, but these shoes belong in the streets, not the office -- leaving behind their telltale pitter-patter when old Mr. Jones has answered his doorbell to find a flaming paper bag on his porch, which he promptly begins to stamp on desperately. It is filled with dog crap. Tee hee. You goddamn kids! Pitter patter.Bleak Mouse
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Mr. B. Mouse,You are (drats!!) correct. Alfalfa did wear those shoes best suited for clog-dancing. I could offer the excuse that Darla's charm blinded me to footwear, but that excuse would be a poor and an inaccurate one. It was Miss McGullicody, their teacher, that had me stammering. I know if I had a pair of those clod-hoppers I would have clogged my way into her heart.Thanks for being so kind in pointing out my obvious memory glitch.DarkoV
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Miss McG. was indeed a stammerer of a beauty; I'd forgotten all about her. And I later developed a crush on Beaver Cleaver's teacher, who was also a prim yet attractive "Miss," capital "M." They don't make teachers like they used to.But when I had my crush on Darla, I was still a few years away -- a pair or two of big boy sneakers away -- from succumbing to the enchantments of girls who did not have bandaids on their knees.Bleak Mouse
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October 12, 2005 - ii

Existence is not a predicate. Confirmation by empirical means is essential. This does not mean I am opposed to free love, however.Not getting much of a response to your eccentric verse, are you?Bertrand Russell Homepage 10.13.05 - 10:16 pm #
The world is all that is the case. What cannot be spoken must be passed over in silence.Thank you for your attention to these matters.Ludwig Wittgenstein
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