Saturday, October 29, 2005

Comment Tarry Trois

10/21 A

Monsieur Bleaque:

I direct your attention to this painting: 035.htm
François Boucher
A Lady Fastening Her Garter (La Toilette), 1742

From Art News:
In most of his paintings, Boucher took inspiration from his wife Jean Marie … however, the only accurate portrait we have of Mme Boucher is by Roslin, who painted her when she was 45. Diderot verified the likeness of the portrait to Mme Boucher in his review of the Salon where the painting was featured.
Searchy LaFemme Homepage 10.21.05 - 5:30 pm #


Ah, yes, I can "verify the likeness" as well -- as, I fear, can a few dozens of the Salon roues who took advantage of M. Boucher's singleminded devotion to his art.

In a tiresome art history course of many years ago, I first learned of Boucheranfragonard, the monozygotic Siamese twin of anticipatory reaction. According to this reading, the rococo sins were prolixity, decorative sensibilities, and frivolous subject matter -- until they were replaced in the inevitable Artistic Revolution by the austere and solemn M. Jacques-Louis David, who is worthy of our admiration.

Naturally, my inclinations were the other way 'round. OF COURSE.

I shall save this image, and someday, some way, I will hit on a way to combine it with the absinthe picture in a posting. If you ever feel like sending along a third image just to make the task more challenging, feel free.

It is all a bit of a remarkable coincidence, though, isn't it?
Bleak Mouse Homepage 10.21.05 - 7:28 pm #


How curious - I also find myself a defender Faith I don't possess; and, sometimes, not a little envious of those who do find genuine comfort in it.
Fcb Homepage 10.22.05 - 1:34 am #


Curious indeed. Perhaps there are a number of us about.

I'm not sure I envy the faith, but I do at times envy the comfort -- although I understand it's not a pick-and-choose deal. (And I have a certain skepticism concerning the nominally religious who claim to be licensed to choose those tenets they "agree" with.) But what continues to arouse my curiosity, and respect, is those who have thought much as I have thought, and often continue to do so, yet have arrived at a vastly different place. There are also those -- medieval scholastics, for instance -- whose thought processes are so vastly alien to mine that they become fascinating; I try to think as they think. It is quite an exercise, never entirely successful.

Another, less intellectual, motive is that I just detest trendy bullies -- who think somehow that the religious are "superstitious" or "stupid" or "naive." These qualities do of course occur in all human beings, religious or otherwise, but I haven't noticed any particular lack of them among atheists.

I remember a story of the philosopher Wittgenstein, a card-carrying board-certified atheist, reprimanding his logical-positivist students who were making a bit too free with their skepticism, with the sharp words, "Never mock holy things!"
Bleak Mouse Homepage 10.22.05 - 2:23 am #


Weird, I mentioned Wittgenstein at TT last night...

I must profess to being among the ranks of the agnostic, although I still seek the truth. Don't we all in one way or the other? I mentioned to a friend that I felt spiritual,just not religious, if that makes sense.

Strange, but from even the early years of my Baptist Sunday School days, I never accepted any part of the theology. Skeptic at six...
Cowtown Pattie Homepage 10.22.05 - 9:56 am #


Ludwig W. was a strange case. He rejected Roman Catholocism in his youth; then he rejected the scientific-logical empiricism that he made major contributions to at Oxford, as being inadequate to experience. His writings are filled with a very odd combination of applied reason with odd twists of mysticism. Quite a tormented fellow, by all accounts.

Bertrand Russell (an unrelentingly logical sort) recalls one of W.'s madly brilliant midnight monologues at his house, when W. abruptly fell silent. Russell asked him, "What are you thinking about -- logic or your sins?" Wittgenstein replied, "Both."

I just stopped believing around the age you did -- the moment I stopped to think about it. It wasn't a rational moment -- just as sort of, "Naah."

I was raised in a wishy-washy sort of Americanized Presbyterianism, and later Episcopalianism. The main emotional reaction I recall from church services was extreme boredom -- although many times I started out with excellent intentions. (Others, not so much.) Oddly, though, I found out that many of the other goody-twoshoes children and teens were likewise exquisitely bored; but many of them grew up to be believers, and many are bored still. So it's not in the special effects.

Yes, I understand completely about the sense of the spiritual, though I am suspicious of vague doctrines, as well as peace-and-white-clouds pseudo-mysticism; they seem, to repeat Chesterton, to lead from believing nothing to believing anything.

But that's me. I think that reading certain literature -- including the lovely language of the King James Bible -- and listening to some kinds of music is as close as I'll get to religious grace.

As for general philsophies, color me skeptical -- healthily rather than cynically so, I like to think. But I can default to cynicism when necessary.

Hey, I can almost believe when listening to Mozart's Requiem. Also (I am ashamed and puzzled to admit) certain romantic ballads by Sinatra.
And some other, rather unpredictable, kinds of music.
Father Bleak Homepage 10.22.05 - 1:06 pm #


Boy, I do rattle on at times, don't I?
Bleak Mouse Homepage 10.22.05 - 1:09 pm #


Of course, in the most basic sense, everyone has faith: that the sun will come up tomorrow, that the person who left the room does not cease to exist, that six is more than three. Faith is a predisposition of the soul ("mind", if you prefer), not just a habit or a technique. Religious faith is just one subcategory of faith generally; and because it is so often disappointed it is more flagging than what we might call "natural faith". It is desire trying to persevere in the presence of the absence; and as such, I can affirm that is neither comforting nor comfortable. "My heart is in anguish within me, the terrors of death have fallen upon me. Fear and trembling have come upon me, and horror overwhelms me." This, too, is the voice of the faithful heart.
David Homepage 10.23.05 - 7:24 pm #


A belated "thank you" for this posting, Mr. Bleak. As a Believer ensconced in two families of Believers (well, three if you count our fledgling flock), I've typically found myself playing your doppelganger, articulating and defending my friends' atheistic beliefs to a living room of familiars who grow hotter and more panicked with every exchange. Fingers jab in my direction, until I finally squawk, "Look, that's not what I think! I'm just saying it's not as bad as all that!"

As you suggest, when in "mixed company" I (for one) am inclined to silently listen to the almost inevitable atheistic tirades that come out. I take it as the dues expected of me, given all the shite people are expected to listen to should they ever cross the church threshold, or commit themselves further to the little classrooms in the basement. "Irrationality" is one accusation most of us can comfortably live with -- it's The Inquisition (etc.) that continues to sting. The Inquisition Card gets played, and what's a Believer to say? Little, or (better yet?), nothing.
Whisky Prajer Homepage 10.25.05 - 9:44 am #


10/21 B

If I stare intnelty enough, I still detect the outline of the dreaded but oh so desireable garter. I'm not sure which is more dangerous to one's state of mind, the outlines or the bare facts. But, I do appreciate such quick response from your Blog Customer Service Dept. Located in Bangalore, I presume?
DarkoV Homepage 10.21.05 - 2:09 pm #


Bleakus Rodentronicus, so I do affy
In thy uprightness and integrity,
And so I love and honour thee and thine!

Bloggers, make way. The good Rodentronicus,
Patron of virtue, the Blogosphere's best champion,
Successful in the battles that he fights,
With honour and with fortune is return'd
From where he circumscribed with his sword
And brought to yoke the enemies of Blogs.
Cowtown Pattie Homepage 10.21.05 - 2:40 pm #


Lauramercy, Pattie, I'm flabberghasted. Also, flibbergibitted. Not to mention, less trivially, deeply honored. Thanks so much. I've actually had a POEM written for me. My head is swelling as I speak. Squeak.

Darko -- We do not stoop so low as to export jobs at Bleak House. Nor, to be fair, do we import them. Most of our retainers have been tottering about the halls since before The Great War. God knows when they were last paid, if ever. But they're loyal, and know there's a whipping in it for them if they screw up Customer Service. Or tea service, for that matter.
The Lads at Vivian Hall Homepage 10.21.05 - 3:56 pm #


Ah me bonny lads...

Egg on Pattie's face... the poem was filched and blasphemed from Willie S. (Titus Andronicus). I WISHED I could compose as well...
Cowtown Pattie Homepage 10.21.05 - 4:56 pm #


Egg on Bleak's face, for not recognizing a learned literary reference. And I did give it the monocled twice-over -- but was too eager to believe it plausible that great ladies sit about in distant lands penning verse in his honor. So it's my egg, not yours.

I remain deeply thankful, though.

I would say more, but the twin nieces are arriving here momentarily to celebrate their birthday, replete with cake and ice cream. (They should be undergoing sugar intoxication within the hour, with its attendant shreiks and giggles, descending forthwith into squabbles. I must take a preventative aspirin.)

Off to the shower, where the dried yolk may prove a problem, even for the patented Bleak Bush.
Bleak Mouse Homepage 10.21.05 - 6:51 pm #

10/22 B

My natural exuberance spills out all over the place.
David Innes of Pellucidar Homepage 10.22.05 - 2:37 am #


The Wiggles on acid?
cowtownpattie Homepage 10.22.05 - 1:12 pm #


Not exactly. More like an Elvis sighting in the medieval-Sherwood section of the lunatic asylum by spats-wearing tuba players on booze.
You might want to click on "Ginger Geezer" in the right-hand column of this blog to further add to the confusion.
Bleak Mouse Homepage 10.22.05 - 1:53 pm #



The Black Dog!
Bleak Mouse Homepage 10.24.05 - 2:17 pm #

10/24 A

Yes. And the ball you are carrying represents your recent posts. How is anybody supposed to keep track of your oeuvre if you do some many at one go on the weekends when nobody is looking? Answer me that?
stephenesque Homepage 10.24.05 - 2:19 pm #


What is it with people and weekends? One would almost think that they didn't have real jobs with weekend hours; or that there were some sort of religious holiday going on.

Anyway, whatever people with vast amounts of inherited wealth and/or with metaphysical issues with The Elder Gods might be doing, four o'clock in the morning is four o'clock in the morning to me. After I carefully answer all of my collected SPAM, there's nothing left to do but post.

If this is INCONVENIENT, well, bloody pardon me. My oeuvre will probably be collected at a later date, and interested scholars will have a chance to review it before it is instantly remaindered, then burned.
Bleak Mouse Homepage 10.24.05 - 3:18 pm #


Dear BM,
I think you must be getting a ton of non-SPAM e-mail. You know, fan mail. Unfortunatley, some of us (that would be me) did not place the right amount of postage on our e-mail. I'm assuming that's what (didn't) happen, as my last two comments regarding this fine picture and the time of the day/night you've been burning with creative fire have not made it to your fine internet home. They were hum-dingers of comments, if I may see. Can't recall them myself, unfortunatley. So, please bask in the sunlight of my admiration, at least until my e-mail possibly comes in. BTW, I'd also left some comments on a previous entry and, damn those e-mail stamps, I must have put insufficient coinage on those as well.
DarkoV Homepage 10.24.05 - 3:51 pm #


Why can't you just beam your posts telepathically into my brain, then there would be no need for all this "computer" palaver.
stephenesque Homepage 10.24.05 - 4:38 pm #


Are those garters I spy on said lone-helmeted grendel?
Cowtown Pattie Homepage 10.24.05 - 5:26 pm #


Dear Bleak,

I really think you should take issue with being called "BM".

Quicquid Homepage 10.24.05 - 6:03 pm #


QQ -- "BM" ranks nearly as an endearment compared to many names I've gotten tagged with.

CP -- Yes, it does look as though that chap is wearing garters. Probably has a lot to do with the reason his fellows lost the game; moral strength always prevails. He went to one of those boys' schools with an unsavoury reputation. They made them wear silly helmets, too, and not just for athletics.

DV -- HaloScan has been eating comments lately, and I've had more than a few of my own lengthier submissions here and there launched into the void. Soon I hope to be moving to a better-appointed blogsite, about which more anon.

S'esq.-- You need to get the brain implant, fellow. And, no, it doesn't hurt, at least not the operation.
Bleak Mouse Homepage 10.24.05 - 10:55 pm #


Dear B. Mouse, (As your butler, QuicQuid, seems put out by the affectionate "BM"), thnaks for your reply about Haloscan. I'd thought that there was a self-erasing option available with Haloscan that found my first two comments on this entry not fit for human consumption. If that were the case, I was hoping to have that Haloscan option fitted into my skull as it would do me well in most of my social interactions. If you can't censor yourself, you should at least be able to obtain some software that could do it for you.
DarkoV Homepage 10.25.05 - 7:17 am #


I'm not doing terribly well in the self-censorship department lately, either; my thought-policing neurological network has evidently been finding other books to burn -- I may have dropped it in the "Self-Help" section of Barnes & Noble a few weeks back, although it was busily electrifying the inner circuits when I was at the "Our Staff Recommends" display.

Anything that can be fitted into the ear can be inserted into the brain, DV; but don't press too hard once you're a sufficient distance into the gray matter, or you'll just end up with an ungodly mess on the other side.
Bleak Mouse Homepage 10.25.05 - 12:11 pm #


Thanks for the warning, but not to worry about excessive pushing! Pressing one's left side of the head on the train tracks behind the "Acadia Bar B Grill" allows for all pressed matter to stay within the container. I also put a clothes pin on the nose and duct tape my mouth, thus covering all possible exits.
DarkoV Homepage 10.25.05 - 4:29 pm #


Remarkable. I see you have considerable experience in brain surgery.
Bleak Mouse Homepage 10.25.05 - 5:52 pm #


10/24 B

The twins look a bit unnatural, Gov...
Cowtown Pattie Homepage 10.24.05 - 5:20 pm #


Yes, she sort of looks as though her buttocks migrated to her front, then sunk to just below her collar-bone. Maybe she has to wear underpants on her shoulders now, which accounts for the peculiar appearance.

She looks happy, unless an upside-down smile is really a frown.

Hey, I just run the ads.
Bleak Mouse Homepage 10.24.05 - 10:26 pm #

10/24 C

Infinite—nothing.—Our soul is cast into a body, where it finds number,
dimension. Thereupon it reasons, and calls this nature necessity, and can
believe nothing else.

Unity joined to infinity adds nothing to it, no more than one foot to an
infinite measure. The finite is annihilated in the presence of the infinite, and becomes a pure nothing. So our spirit before God, so our justice before divine justice. There is not so great a disproportion between our justice and that of God as between unity and infinity.

The justice of God must be vast like His compassion. Now justice to the
outcast is less vast and ought less to offend our feelings than mercy
towards the elect.

We know that there is an infinite, and are ignorant of its nature. As we
know it to be false that numbers are finite, it is therefore true that there is an infinity in number. But we do not know what it is. It is false that it is even, it is false that it is odd; for the addition of a unit can make no change in its nature. Yet it is a number, and every number is odd or even (this is certainly true of every finite number). So we may well know that
there is a God without knowing what He is. Is there not one substantial
truth, seeing there are so many things which are not the truth itself?

We know then the existence and nature of the finite, because we also are
finite and have extension. We know the existence of the infinite and are
ignorant of its nature, because it has extension like us, but not limits
like us. But we know neither the existence nor the nature of God, because He has neither extension nor limits.

But by faith we know His existence; in glory we shall know His nature. Now, I have already shown that we may well know the existence of a thing, without knowing its nature.

Let us now speak according to natural lights.

If there is a God, He is infinitely incomprehensible, since, having neither parts nor limits, He has no affinity to us. We are then incapable of knowing either what He is or if He is. This being so, who will dare to undertake the decision of the question? Not we, who have no affinity to Him.

Who then will blame Christians for not being able to give a reason for their belief, since they profess a religion for which they cannot give a reason? They declare, in expounding it to the world, that it is a foolishness,stultitiam; [28] and then you complain that they do not prove it! If they proved it, they would not keep their word; it is in lacking proofs that they are not lacking in sense. "Yes, but although this excuses those who offer it as such and takes away from them the blame of putting it forward without reason, it does not excuse those who receive it." Let us then examine this point, and say, "God is, or He is not." But to which side shall we incline?
Reason can decide nothing here. There is an infinite chaos which separated
us. A game is being played at the extremity of this infinite distance where heads or tails will
Blaise Starr Homepage 10.24.05 - 4:47 pm #


*coughing* Are you done, sir?

Ah, Monsieur Bleaque: I am French, you know. Denis used to assure me that being French was A GOOD THING, but I’ve had my doubts recently, especially after that “Freedom Fries” mishegas.
Cherchie LaBlogue Homepage 10.24.05 - 6:34 pm #


No, I did not know you were French, but I find that dropping off-handed ethnic derogations can get people to volunteer information about themselves. I just happened to get lucky with you early on.

It sounds as though Denis had been watching too much Martha Stewart. Being French is just silly, but we all have our crosses to bear, n'est-ce pas?

Now being Cherchie is clearly A Good Thing, which is perhaps what D.D. meant. Eventually you will find yourself reassured as to the truth of this plain fact.

And, no, cough, I'm not done. I will not be finished until they drag me off to the paper-hats-and-noisemakers plantation.
Bleak Mouse Homepage 10.24.05 - 10:37 pm #


Pardon. The *cough* was directed to Monsieur .. Starr, is it? … who preceded me in the comment queue.
Cherchie LaBlogue Homepage 10.24.05 - 11:20 pm #


Oh, thank you for not directing one of your fine-shades-of-meaning coughs at me this time.

The preceding comment was written by my silent co-blogger, David. He was quoting Blaise Pascal. At length.

Or perhaps it really was Pascal.

In any case, I shall be happy to advise hime that he's the real coughee.
Bleak Mouse Homepage 10.24.05 - 11:38 pm #


Ahhhhh-choooo! Pardon me, while I squeeze myself into this discussion. Appreciate knowing that some non-verbal exhalation of self was needed to elbow my words in.
As I had mentioned in a comment judiciously self-deleted by this selective comment device software known as Haloscan, Mr. B. Mouse, you should desist with this female headwear. This is obviously Searchie's domain and she will guard it fiercely. Plus, if boldness is an option here, you'd look very silly in that type of headgear. Aren't bowlers or boaters or one of those other "b" hats more up your alley... and your sexual indentity?

Ahhhhh-CHoooooooo! I'm off.
DarkoV Homepage 10.25.05 - 9:17 am #


Hmm. Now that you mention it, I do picture Monsieur Bleaque as exuding a vaguely Quentin Crisp-ish aura: ...uentincrisp.jpg
Cherchie LaBlogue Homepage 10.25.05 - 9:38 am #


Okay, yeah, Cherchie, but that's merely what I look like at six on a bad morning when I'm trying to dress myself before having had coffee, so you're taking unfair advantage. One has to throw in a bit of Errol Flynn, a touch of Vivian Stanshall, the requisite amount of Winston Churchill, a hatful of Sinatra, and just a dash of Margueurite Yourcenar. Poke holes in it all and refrigerate four hours.

Sexual identity? I'll have you know I've got enough testosterone flowing through my veins (loins? hams? tear ducts?) to power all of professional sports for a year AND to hold Congressional hearings about it afterwards. I have one acknowledged son but many offspring have a marked resemblance to me. I hit first and asked questions later. Such as, "Are you dead yet?" I sit around on the living-room couch doing nothing. I exceed speed limits. I am insensitive to Women's Issues. I laugh at the wrong times. Dr Phil could do an entire season devoted to disapproving of me.
Bleak Mouse Homepage 10.25.05 - 12:30 pm #

10/25 A

I'll just to send birthday wishes now as I'll be in the odldrums the balance of the day knowing she's another year older. Where has the time gone since I last did not meet here? Where has that large spoon that can actually fit two eggs snugly come from? All, all far away in the past, when goodness flowed and back hairs were just a family curse not yet wreaking its havoc on beaches in our neighborhood.
So, Happy B'day, Mrs. Bleak, wherever and whoever you are.....
DarkoV Homepage 10.25.05 - 7:12 am #


...Besides being in the "odldrums", I'll be visiting the Doldrums as well. Lovely couple, though a bit weary on the soul.
DarkoV Homepage 10.25.05 - 7:13 am #


Greetings on your natal day, Mrs. Bleak.

I would love to join your celebration at the appointed hour, but I will be otherwise engaged, celebrating a friend’s 94th birthday. 94!

I have even summoned my inner Martha Stewart and baked a Jello-O Poke Cake (google it if you dare) for the occasion. And, at her request, we’re having beer.

This is a great day, indeed.
Cherchie LaBlogue Homepage 10.25.05 - 9:11 am #


Beer AND Jello? That's a float-away holiday.
Mr. B. Mouse, That combo's going to be hard to beat. What's in store, from your side of providing fun & memories, for Mrs. Bleak?
DarkoV Homepage 10.25.05 - 11:29 am #


Mrs. B. will be getting the sewing machine she requested. Someone has to stitch up after Dr Praetorius's botched surgeries. Due to an apparent infection of birdbrain influenza at Target Online, spelled S-T-U-P-I-D, we will be going out to buy one at a physical store today. At least I will not have to wrap the blasted thing. As for the rest, I've gotten her mumbledy psst, which I haven't given her yet, so let's not spoil the surprise.

C.L. -- I dared to look up Jell-o Poke Cake, fearing I would be deeply shocked. But after getting over my initially horrified reactions, and searching my soul, I had to admit to myself that it looked like fun.

Happy birthday to your friend. May she have 94 more just like it. What kind of beer?
Bleak Mouse Homepage 10.25.05 - 11:54 am #


I made a cake. But I have already eaten it all and now I am feeling very queasy. Anyway, happy birthday to Mrs Bleak.
stephenesque Homepage 10.25.05 - 12:53 pm #


Funny. I feel queasy, and all I did was transcribe an old poem.

If a certain in-law comes over tonight, it should just make my day.
Bleak Mouse Homepage 10.25.05 - 1:46 pm #


Ms. B, didya hear me? Didya?

(I know, I was in the broom closet at work, but the words were sung at 2:30 PM central time which may certainly skew the stars alignment, but NEW SEWING MACHINE! Cool beans!)
Cowtown Pattie Homepage 10.25.05 - 4:17 pm #


Beer AND Jello? That’s a float-away holiday.

hee. And vodka jigglers, too.

What kind of beer?

At her request, Yuengling and Rolling Rock. *hic*

As she’s fond of saying, “Ah! To be 93 again!”
Cherchie LaBlogue Homepage 10.25.05 - 4:49 pm #


Ninety-three: Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive...

If I ever get my Prose Radio network idea off the ground (it's neat: like radio, only you read it), I will have you, Cherchie, perform the vocal effects, with your inimitable hics, coughs, and ahems. Do you do others?

Unaccustomed as we are to inebriated guests at this blog, we do just happen to provide an e-cab service for just such contingencies.
Bleak Mouse Homepage 10.25.05 - 5:39 pm #


"If I ever get my Prose Radio network idea off the ground (it's neat: like radio, only you read it), I will have you, Cherchie, perform the vocal effects, with your inimitable hics, coughs, and ahems. Do you do others?"

*widens her eyes* You don't really want to know the answer to that question, do you?

On occasion, however, I have performed Inuit throat singing upon request. *ahem*
Cherchie LaBlogue Homepage 10.25.05 - 6:11 pm #


(Paces back and forth.) Goddam it, opening night and the leading lady's closeted with the absinthe creepies. Everything we've slaved over these long months...(Suddenly straightens up.) Yeah, kid, that's the stuff. I mean you in the back, with the hat. You're going to do the part... (Smacks fist on hand.) You're going out there a comment, but you're going to come back a STAR!
Bleak Mouse Homepage 10.25.05 - 11:36 pm #


Deepest thanks to all of my Birthday well-wishers, and to the good Bleak.
Cherchie LaBlogue Your friend should try out Prisoner's approach to birthdays. It requires a simple reversal of the numeric, she is only 49R(eversed). The more decades you accumulate the better this works out.
Cowtown Pattie I wondered at the noise from the broom closet, thank goodness it has now been explained. Bleak bought me a Sewing Machine for our first married Xmas (again at my request), 34 years later - it still works, but the shuddering, creaking, and groaning are tell tale signs that it needs replacement, or is that Bleak I'm thinking of.
Mrs. Bleak Mouse 10.26.05 - 3:48 pm #


You're welcome, Mrs. B!

BM- you last comment would make Mickey Rooney proud:
"I know, let's put on a show!"
Cowtown Pattie Homepage 10.27.05 - 11:33 am #


10/25 B

"2:02 a.m."? Truly, a heroic effort (with heroic rewards)!
Whisky Prajer Homepage 10.25.05 - 9:02 am #


WP, I'm glad I'm not the only one checking up on Mr. B. Mouse's late hours. It's not good for the health, unless, of course, he has vampire's blood coursing through his veins. Perhaps, it's these dreaded assignments and suggestions that his commenters throw at him, causing the loss of sleep and sense?
DarkoV Homepage 10.25.05 - 9:20 am #


Are you perchance author of that great undiscovered epic, The Fatal Warrior?
stephenesque Homepage 10.25.05 - 12:56 pm #


Ah ha! The sought-more-than-the-holy-grail: the missing verses of Aesop! Rejoice, ye of little faith!
Cowtown Pattie Homepage 10.25.05 - 2:11 pm #


Hmm, you might say the ole boy was feelin' a might peckish?
Cowtown Pattie Homepage 10.25.05 - 4:18 pm #


S'Esq. -- You're thinking of The Fetal Warrior, a.k.a. The Natal Warrior, a 20-page television treatment I did. It was axed because of the special effects expense, as well as casting problems.

Pattie -- This was intended as a serious moral guide for our lost young people. After twenty years, I think I must concede that it has failed in its high purpose. Where did I go wrong?
Bleak Mouse Homepage 10.25.05 - 5:50 pm #


Why weren't there poems like this in my Norton's Anthology in high school? Instead, we were force-fed items like "Rape of the Lock" written by some git that should have stepped out more, rather than stay mattressed in his room ruminating on the detritus of hair brushes. No wonder we developed an unnatural love for The Moody Blues instead of Muddy Waters? Oh, those wasted years... It took college life with heartbreak miseries, laundromat romance, and bad hair styles (see your Ode to the 60's post above) to appreciate true poetry and song.
DarkoV Homepage 10.27.05 - 9:36 am #