Friday, September 16, 2005

Quiet in the Eaves! Is There a Lark in the House?

"For he was speechless, ghastly, wan,
Like him of whom the story ran,
Who spoke the spectre hound in man."
-Sir Walter Scott, The lay of the last minstrel, Canto VI, v.26

Due to a case of black doggedness, my contributions to this blog will be shutting down -- which is to say, shutting up -- for at least a week's time. I intend to devote the period to the idlest of researches, to reading that is within my closest grasp, to attending to musical favorites that have grown more complex as they've grown simpler, to investigating corners of the house which hold objects to which I have paid scant attention, to reaching at a few memories, and to rest.

I will be accessing the Internet little or not at all, save to sift through my e-mail once a day.

It's all a question of proportion, of course, though whether this is a step in that direction remains an open question.