Friday, September 30, 2005

A Momentous Announcement

My compatriot, associate, and U.K. staffer The Prifoner of Zembla has, in cooperation with some other chap, launched a novel experiment in podcasting, which is not some sort of Irish sport, but rather a nicely balanced program of unusual music and witty banter. It is called Radio Psyence, and is recommended to all who would like a distracting if occasionally dissonant alternative to the banalities of NPR and the tranquilizing effects of Classic Rock. You will probably know whether you will like it within the first thirty seconds. If not, you should know whether you will like it within thirty minutes, which is its approximate duration. If not, there will be new podcasts at regular intervals so you can puzzle this matter out at your leisure.

UPDATE: We have been advised by an astute though snippy reader that, contrary to our inviolable editorial policy and the best efforts of our international research staff, we have, shocking though it may seem, made an error.

Dublin is not in the U.K.

Rest assured heads will roll.