Thursday, September 29, 2005

Found Poetry

Every once in a while, I receive one of those e-mail advertisements that consist entirely of paragraphs and paragraphs of sheer jumbled nonsense. In postings elsewhere, I've attempted to make the case that these are long-lost fragments of missing works by James Joyce, usually from the Ulysses/Finnegan's Wake period. The latest example seems not to lend itself to that sort of literary analysis. So, by correcting a bit of grammar here, a redundancy there, and attempting to formalize implicuit poetic structures, I've assembled the garbled message into a number of short poems. Italicized phrases indicate that the words (if not the punctuation) have been lifted verbatim from the letter. A few non-italicized phrases indicate additions made by myself where I felt that something was distinctly wanting.

Asked by a lady in the dark first to close my eyes
(Whether it's procedure -- my!-- to badly randomize--
(Or not), she took a dancing step and crashed and cried out merrily.
The afternoon prosthetic unraveled unnecessarily.
Who's silly now, whose feet lack wings,
Miss "not-impressed-by-stupid-things?"

Just any disabilities,
© feminists question validity

Of all vestigial organs take
The child-brain out least.

Writing psycho-kinesis:
Stop them at once! cries old Mrs Doherty --
Someone gave them Registration authority.

A death!
Emotion and miles --
Just logicians.

She questions the taste shower:
So mind her. Be excited -
It's logical.
Just girl 20-29.

Wow, lines in the morning listen for Lights.
Sore thinking » spoon replies correctly--
Maybe legs.

Ice intellectual Diaz.
Computers mind her.
They would rocket, clearing
Monopoly plan one.

Fears don't spackle the round agenda --
(Music temperament busy.)
Chunk face is the one diversity;
Similar Cutie to 2005.
The living web offers citrus friends.
He's her product speaking,
Supposedly to your dream.

The night memoir
Going with bogies.
Although her model describes a calendar
As the keep imperative, reply:
"Test LOVE.
Custom-developed feelings
replaced me. Me!"

(The latter-day Pickwick
is no longer Ohio.)
I'm made of symbols from harder-than-usual erroneous attitudes:
Be professional afterwards. "You'd be the last." -