Sunday, August 07, 2005

Loose Links Sip Pinks

I've been bookmarking lots of eccentrically-selected links over the past weeks, and this is where I unload those that, for one reason or another, have survived the merciless Arbitrary Deletion procedure.
  • Will Friedland, author of the sublime Sinatra! The Song Is You, offers his unusual but compelling take on Elvis, which is a blessed relief after all of the customary King of Rock 'n Roll nonsense. I especially like the analysis of the too-often neglected influence of Dean Martin; the debunking of the Elvis-as-rebel myth (so vital to the perpetual adolescents who scrawl rock histories); and his sometimes surprising demonstrations of Elvis's ties to The Great American Songbook tradition.
  • And I thought that C.S.I. was just another dull, formulaic, two-dimensional cop show. David forwarded this link, in which J.G. Ballard brings his usual obsessions to bear on the frock coats, cleavage, and corpses genre, making it sound a lot like Crash!
  • Yes, I know that only the prepubescent in spirit find mirth in serious afflictions for which sensitivity, good taste, and understanding are the only proper responses. Nonetheless, this outfit (and God bless free enterprise!) provides the ideal punchline for all occasions -- and the perfect response to annoying e-mails. Send the link with every pretense of subtlety and discretion to acquaintances who are beginning to annoy you.
  • Women often intolerantly proclaim that (heterosexual) men have no sense of interior decoration. In vain do we point out that it is not we who collect, e.g., ceramic trolls or samplers depicting various fruits. Put the lie to them by displaying one of these tastefully nostalgic tableux in your living room.
  • Is this the worst movie ever made? Probably not, but, thanks to home video, we are far from arriving at a conclusive winner. (And, please, nothing about Plan 9; it's amusing, and thus is instantly out of the running.) The Catch-22 of worst movie criteria is the paradox that It's so bad I would never, ever watch it. Check out some of the reviews.
  • Ralph Snart is here. Thanks to the Prifoner of Zembla for altering me to this crucial cultural development.
  • Is the cult of celebrity unhealthy? I think not; it's in the finest tradition of the buffoon, the fool, the court jester. These are ready-made targets for our laughter and derision, and that is their social function -- and a critcal one it is, too. That's why this is one of the few blogsites I check daily. (It's also because I'm superficial.)
  • Eat Big Macs. Screw the food police.