Sunday, August 07, 2005

Loose Links Ship Sinks: Kong Lives

This story is all over the Web, and in our grand tradition of up-to-the-minute rumor-mongering, we're joining the seething mob of crazed enthusiasts to bring you more of the sound and fury. For those who want the short version: King Kong will be released for the first time on DVD on November 22, obsessively restored from old nitrates collected from film nerds the world over -- including the naughty bits. There will of course be lots and lots of mandatory "extras," and these, contrary to almost all prior experience, seem to promise to be rather interesting, but we'll see. I've checked the usual suspects, and all seem to be reciting the same litany from the Warner Home Video press release, but The Hollywood Reporter -- my Bible, Koran, telephone book, novelty catalogue, and Mad Comics all rolled into one -- seems to have the most complete recital of the facts in the matter here.

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