Sunday, August 21, 2005

In Commune Mikado

Apart from anything I may post within the next twelve hours, I will be incommunicado for the next several days, due to an impending motor trip to (once again) North Wade. There will be hotel accomodations once again, so I will be able to perform my fifteen minute survey of the 100-plus cable channels, try to discern the difference amongst the various miniature soaps, listen to some CDs I haven't got around to yet (including the John Lewis, the Fred Kaz, and the Robert Wyatt -- God bless Amazon!), drink free coffee, turn the air conditioning on Inordinately High, and tease the desk clerks with incomprehensible questions and impossible demands. Among my activities, apart from exercising my credit cards and attempting to figure out how many mph in excess of the Mass. Pike speed limit is the acceptable average for the day, will be watching the new Fred Astaire DVDs with Auntie Madonna. By God, this is the life of action I've always craved! -- adventure aplenty for any two lesser men!

While we are gone, e-mails will pile up in the e-mailbox, and doubtless spill over onto the e-porch. E-lights will be left on to make it appear that we are at e-home. Please rest assured that all hatemail will be answered eventually: it's not that I don't care; it's just that I'm not here. Nor am I about to take any damned laptop with me, other than that with which nature provided me.

It is possible that David may use this opportunity to mess about with your heads -- or head, as the case may be. Nothing I can do about that.

Will return on or about Wednesday, barring the occupation of Eastern Massachusetts by Canadian armed forces.