Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Bleak Reader Survey - I.

In order to help us raise billions in revenue from idle do-gooders, and thus defray the lifestyle expenditures associated with this blog, we would like to ask our readers to fill out the following survey at least once, in the hopes that we may use this confidential information to better pander to your interests.

The Survey:

1. I am a:

A. Male
B. Female
C. Extraterrestrial lifeforce of immense power and little pity

2. I would like to see more stories about:

A. High adventure
B. Love and sex in flowery language
C. Arabella
D. The unholy experiments of Dr Praetorius
E. Balls, high teas, fashion, and madness at Bleak House
F. Seafaring
G. Other bloggers, and what they are really like behind the public mask
H. Me
I. Minor Victorian authors
J. Musical recordings I will probably be unable to find
K. Viv Stanshall and the Bonzos
L. Movies no one likes except you
M. The decline of western civilization
N. Mrs. Bleak's parrots
O. None of the above
P. None of the below
Q. Other (please write your preference clearly with the special pen provided) _______

3. I access the Internet:

A. Less than five seconds per day
B. Over eighteen hours per day
C. Never
D. At work