Monday, July 04, 2005

The Way West

Due to methodical corrections of the conventional calendar in light of minute variations of terrestrial motion relative to the sun, Mr. and Mrs. Bleak will be taking their Fourth of July holiday beginning today, which is, according to customary reckonings, July Fifth. We will be making for the hills of Western Massachusetts, and should return, God willing, within the coming sixty-eight hours. We will be visiting relatives, although I would like to take this occasion to point out that, had I never married, I would be able to remain at home with paperbacks and headphones. As it is, I will have to bring my paperbacks and headphones with me into a hotel room. At least these relatives will in theory be forced to feed us, although at the not insignificant cost of "socializing." But these are among the many onerous burdens I bear without complaint.
Thus I will be unable to oversee this blog for several days. During that time, I trust that the less mature of my readers will not clutter the "Comments" with arbitrary, lewd, or "clever" remarks.
My sincere apologies to any persons I may have invited to "hop on a plane" and "drop on by the house Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday; no need to call -- we'll be here." In point of fact, we won't.