Sunday, July 03, 2005

Most Pathetic Celebrity News Story of the Day, Maybe

I supposed I'd best just present this with as little fanfare as possible, as there's no way to soften the blow. The easily shocked may wish to have tranquilizers, or a hefty quaff of brandy, at hand. And those given to outbursts of righteous anger might want to get out that cheap vase from last Christmas so they'll have something to smash. Mothers with sensitive children might wish to banish them from the room, although I suppose they must find out about this sort of sordid inhumanity in the world sooner or later: it's your call. Reverends of mainline churches might wish to take copious notes here, as the didactic dimensions of this case are potentially limitless; nor can the morally serious fail to speak out. The following sad case is from, a website without which I would be lacking in access to many of the most vital stories of our day:

British comedian RICKY GERVAIS angered Live 8 organisers by joking about poverty at the London leg of yesterday's (02JUL05) global musical extravaganza.
The Golden Globe-winner rushed on stage announcing G8 leaders
TONY BLAIR and GEORGE W BUSH had quadrupled aid for the developing world, so there was no point in continuing with the show.
He then added with mock relief, "I'm joking. They haven't quadrupled aid. We can carry on."
Even though Gervais had warned he would satirise the African crisis if he was allowed to perform at Hyde Park's gig, organiser
RICHARD CURTIS failed to see the funny side.
Curtis fumes, "Ricky Gervais doesn't know his a**e from his elbow.
"He was using world poverty for a gag. I don't know who invited him here." 03/07/2005 02:25

Yes, this comedian chap actually jested about poverty. Thousands were instantly struck dumb in moral horror; others were seen hoisting pitchforks, lighting torches, and gathering lengths of rope. Gervais's feeble "I'm just joking" could not undo the psychic abuse of the many who hoped, with touching faith, that the raising of funds would at last alleviate the covetousness of African dictators, thus allowing a few pence to trickle down, as it were, to the truly hungry. Shame on you, Mr. Gervais, shame. He should either apologize profusely, abjectly, and severally, or he ought to resign from his comedianship.