Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Pitt Disgusted

I was frankly heartened to read the following headline in The Drudge Report:


I'll have to read the details later, because I find it perplexing that Pitt would take any notice of Africa at all, let alone the "media." I suppose the press have, through their customary ploy of leading questions and selective quotation, hopelessly mangled his observations. But it is good to have him back, and I daresay he'll have complex yet authoritative things to say on whatever topic he chooses to address. Let us hope, if vainly, that the various correspondents will leave intact his leisurely, occasionally florid, locutions, so that we can get a full sense of the depth and breadth of his rhetorical style. I had not thought to witness his presence in lofty undertakings again, but perhaps this is a sign that our great statesmen are once again stepping to the podium to be heard.

A friend questions whether this Pitt is in fact Pitt the Elder or Pitt the Younger. I had assumed that it was Pitt the Elder, as it would scarcely be less of a wonder to find the Younger extant after so many years of silence, but the possibility remains that the press may well be referring to the son. I will remain at my desk for as long as it takes to uncover the full facts behind this unprecedented event.