Friday, May 06, 2005

The Pavillion of the Links

And other stories.

  • Monsters. (Via The Prifoner of Zembla.) Leave a comment or two.
  • Philosophy in a nutshell. The equivalent of a B.A. in the subject, as I have good reason to know.
  • This is quite the best thing I've read recently. (My response to far too many things lately has tended to be, "Yeah, yeah, yeah...", only without the Beatles' enthusiasm.) Admittedly, my most recent reading does not include Shakespeare, or even Sterne. However, I was quite taken with Blowhard's analysis, and even had a few stray thoughts myself that actually survived mild critical scrutiny; lots of others, too. If you read nothing else... (some of you have already taken the Normal Test therein linked. Some of you veritably embody a Normal Test. You know who you are. Forty perecent, if you must know.)
  • The sky is falling! quoth C. Little. Alarm your neighbors! Terrify the impressionable! Be the center of attention! Be on television! Lurk portentously with dim celebrities! Gnash teeth! (From Zembla.)
  • Yes, but is it Art? (From Zembla.)
  • Roger Fenton, Victorian photographer. Invent your own captions. Imagine a previous life.
  • James Panero speaks. But there's something a little too good about these ostensibly spontaneous questions and answers. Am I alone in suspecting a Nabokovian set-up? (Well, yes, I probably am. Have to check that Normal Test again.)
  • Medieval tapestries, the search for pi, and other wonders.
  • Six novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Some novels read better online; some novels read better in, like, books. These are decidedly among the former. Muscular heroics, babes, slimy monsters, cliffhanger plotting: Better than a day at the beach.
  • Are women to blame? Well, seeing as it's just us men here: Damned right they are. Oh, ha. Hello, dear. Nothing, nothing at all--