Saturday, May 28, 2005

Japanese Surrender

I thought that I had seen the last of these stories in the 1970s, but The Scotsman advises otherwise:

TWO men claimed to be Japanese soldiers who refused to surrender at the end of the Second World War could finally return home, 60 years later, after they were found living in the hills of a Philippine island.

The soldiers, identified as Yoshio Yamakawa, 87, from Osaka, and Tsuzuki Nakauchi, 83, from Kochi, apparently want to lay down their weapons - or what remains of them.

The two former members of the Imperial Japanese Army are believed to have spent the last six decades living in remote hills in the south of the Philippine island of Mindanao.

A spokesman leans back, tents his fingers, shakes his head, and comments cautiously:

Mr Terashima expects that in about a month the two veterans to be allowed to travel back home - to a country they will not recognise as the Japan of six decades ago.

Yes, I expect so. Among the things they will have to adjust to is this.

As well as these.

Not to mention this.

Nor will they quite know what to make of this.