Friday, May 20, 2005

Dialogue in Slang

DUDE: Greetings, gate, let's palpitate.
CHICK: Happ'nin, man?
DUDE: Far out. Lids?
CHICK: Twenty-three skidoo, small change.
DUDE: Off the pigs.
CHICK: Fab, daddyo.
DUDE: Hot cha.
CHICK: Boop-boop-a-doop.
DUDE: She's trippin'.
CHICK: Paradigm. Role model.
DUDE: It's a freak-out.
CHICK: Chill out. I'm holding.
DUDE: Beat out that rhythm on the drums!
CHICK: Am-scray, eep-cray.
DUDE: Whatever.
CHICK: Gotta monkey on my back.
DUDE: Like, wow, Dobie.
CHICK: Grease me.