Friday, April 15, 2005

Vienna Art Orchestra

Anyone of artistic sensibility, or indeed of common humanity, will wish to listen to VAO InterNet Radio here. There are five stations of an hour's duration each, and you'll want to begin, as I did, with the first -- especially if it's quarter to three in the soul, no one cares, and you've taken to lingering beneath lampposts on deserted streets. I haven't yet listened to the others, but I expect they are as witty, and quirky, and complex, and eclectic as the VAO's longterm recorded output has been. "An adventure in listening!" "New horizons in sound!" etc. You can listen while you do other things -- dust the heirlooms, rid the cellars of mice, iron tuxedos, read threatening letters, pretend to smoke a pipe -- or, as in the days of liner notes, read about them here while they play.

Those who would like something similar, only decidedly more eccentric, can read about the estimable Willem Breuker Kollektief here. They don't seem to have a bloody InterNet radio station, more's the pity, but you can always buy their CDs, which are not exactly widely available, but which are narrowly available, and well worth seeking out, especially if you enjoy getting odd looks from friends you are entertaining who aren't quite sure what to make of you yet.