Sunday, April 03, 2005

Compelling Headline!

I've been accumulating compelling links at a staggering rate, or vaguely diverting links at a steadily tedious rate, or sizzling, spicy links at an incalculable rate. This is where I callously abandon them to their fates.
David created some instructive and amusing comics about Socrates many years ago, and I've never forgotten them. He was merely ahead of his time. Someone has taken a similar idea and come up with this. I'm looking forward to Augustine of Hippo, Thomas Aquinas, David Hume, Wittgenstein, Karl Popper, Nelson Goodman, and the irrepressible David Stove.
Flashman is back, and as it happens there have been a great many volumes of his memoirs since I forgot all about him a few decades ago. Here's a relentless interview with his editor and apologist, George MacDonald Fraser.
I've read any number of pieces on Artie Shaw. These are two of the best. Any of my fellow "morons" who have idle cash taking up too much room on the sofa and who just want to get rid of the damned stuff before it tints everything green (which household molds and fungi will do quite nicely, and without the paper cuts) will be well advised to get something nice yet highminded, compact, and quite lovely with it. Others will have to make do with any of the fine Boffo Fab Hits collections of Artie's work, which have the advantage of being reasonably priced.
Speaking of music, those of us whose houses are proudly decorated with functional-yet-inelegant boxes in those rooms where furnishings dare not tread will want to give a few clicks and a listen to this. Play around with it. What wouldn't Charles Ives have given for such a device?
Fans of Instapundit, and otherwise, will want to see this. Some of it, anyway; there's an awful lot, and dating back only a few days. The perils of caffeine? Or worse?
Speaking of worse, human rights abuses in the Middle East continue apace.
And the Lawrence Summers case at Harvard has taken a shocking new turn.
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